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Press release - February 29, 2012

Sharon Kleyne Announces
New Discoveries to Soothe Dry Eye Discomfort

Bio-Logic Aqua Research Develops New Technology to Supplement Lost Tear Film Water for Dry Eye Relief.

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According to Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, Inc., dry eye discomfort is increasingly prevalent worldwide due to global climate and temperature change, diet, widespread computer use, air pollution, population growth and "climate controlled" indoor environments. Dry eye discomfort occurs when too much water is lost (usually to evaporation) from the protective natural tear film covering the eye's exposed portions (the cornea and sclera).

The tear film is 99% water, Sharon Kleyne explains, some of which is obtained by absorption from the air (provided the air is humid and clean). When the tear film loses water, the main symptom is discomfort resulting largely from over-concentration of tear film salt (electrolyte). Normally, tear film salt/electrolyte is diluted by the water (tears contain far less salt than perspiration, which is why perspiration that drips into the eyes causes discomfort).

Dry eye discomfort may be experienced as itching, burning, eyestrain, blurred vision, headache, sleepiness, puffy or water eyes, and/or a "grainy" sensation. In cases of severe chronic dry eye, the discomfort can be debilitating and life changing.

Researchers have long known that the simplest and most natural dry eye relief - to soothe and re-hydrate dry eyes - is to replace the missing tear film water and thereby dilute the salt. The addition of only one-to-two microliters (millionths of a liter) of water per second to the tear film's middle ("aqueous" or water) layer, should provide sufficient dilution to soothe dry eye discomfort (Mathers, WD, MD, Tear Film and Treatment of Dry Eye Disease, RxSchool, 2005, p. 13).

A method of achieving dry eye relief by applying supplemental water to the tear film's aqueous layer in minute quantities, was invented by Bio-Logic Aqua Research in 2002 and subsequently marketed as Nature's Tears® EyeMist®.

Bio-Logic Aqua Research developed the technology for a personal, portable hand-held humidifying device that applies supplemental eye moisture as an all-natural, ultra-fine, pH-balanced water mist around the face - much like clean humidity in the air. When the mist micro-droplets land on the ocular surface, they pass directly through the tear film's overlying lipid (oil and fat) layer and dilute the aqueous layer without washing away normal tear film constituents. (Mathers, 2005, p. 12). .

Since 2003, several million units of Nature's Tears® EyeMist® have been purchased by customers. The product is available throughout the United States and will soon be available worldwide. In 2009, a United States patent was awarded To Sharon Kleyne on the application of a water mist to soothe dry eye. Similar patents have been awarded in several other countries.

This new hydrotherapy discovery, for the first time, enables individuals to take proactive personal control over dry eyes through a simple and safe daily (or even hourly) moisture supplementation regimen.

Nature's Tears® EyeMist® is recommended for individuals who cannot tolerate formulated eye drops. The product is also excellent for use between allowable eye drop doses (the sterile, non-formulated, all-water EyeMist has no dosage limit). Many individuals in high risk situations for dry eye, such as computer operators, workers in certain occupations, travelers, and many others, consider the mist indispensable. Thousands of doctors endorse Nature's Tears® EyeMist® and report that they use it personally.

Sharon Kleyne's popular radio talk show, Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua Research, whose Nature's Tears® EyeMist® is the only all-natural, all water eye mist that is patented and specifically configured to soothe dry eye symptoms and supplement tear film water. Nature's Tears® EyeMist® is available at www.BioLogicAqua.com, Amazon.com, drugstore.com and selected drugstores nationwide. The product is expected to be available worldwide by the end of 2013.

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