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Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Technologies, International, Inc.
Sharon Kleyne, Founder, Chairman and Research Director.
Moisture for Life® - Power of Water®

Discover who we are:
Water Research is our Mission, Vision and Only Business.
The World's First Patented, All-Natural Eye Mist Product for Dry Eyes.
Natures Tears
Natures Mist Bio Med Wash

New Water Research: All-Natural Products for Dry Air, Dry Skin, Dry Eyes, Eye Misting, Skin Misting and Hydration

Bio-Logic Aqua Research Technologies International is the world's only company devoted exclusively to researching all-natural water, dehydration, dry air and health. The center was founded in 1989 by international water advocate Sharon Kleyne (Willem Kleyne, co-founder).

Randy Kieling