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Nature's Tears EyeMist/Nature's EyeMist - Just A Mist.
Nature's Tears EyeMist, applied as a very soft and gentle all-natural super-fine mist due to the delicate nature of the tear film, is a discovery whose unique (patent pending) micron-sized droplets, 6.4 pH, and light mineral content are naturally biocompatible with human eyes and skin. The product relieves eye discomfort by replenishing lost moisture to the delicate aqueous layer of the eye's tear film, where most moisture loss occurs. The product is clinically tested and proven effective for dry, itchy, burning, tired or irritated eyes caused by dry and/or polluted air, contact lenses, computer eye irritation, forced-air heating and cooling, harsh weather conditions, stress, physical exertion, etc. The product is safe, convenient, non-allergenic, preservative-free, propellant-free, will not disturb or "run" eye make-up (it actually enhances cosmetics), and maintains compatibility with all existing eye drop products. Endorsed by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians worldwide, Nature's Tears EyeMist can be used as often as desired.

Nature's Mist® Face of the Water.
Nature's Mist, applied as a heavier mist due to the thicker nature of skin, improves skin moisture content and natural skin color; helps heal acne, sunburned or other skin challenges, and even instantly rejuvenates cosmetic color with all-natural moisture. Research performed by Sharon Kleyne, Dr. Julia Oxford and others have revealed that skin is composed of 80% water and skin moisture loss (dehydration) results in dry skin, color loss, premature aging lines and acne; skin must have a constant 80% moisture balance to be healthy. Applying water to the skin's surface is the only effective way to replace lost skin moisture. However, to be beneficially absorbed, the water must be applied as a mist and possess certain beneficial properties of purity, mineral content and pH balance (under 7.0). In a 1992 study, Dr. Julia Oxford discovered that Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water had a unique ability to become absorbed into the "bound but readily releasable" water reservoir in the skin's stratum corneum. Other waters applied to the skin surface, due to incorrect pH (over 7.0) and less-than-optimal mineral content, remained unbound and were of little benefit. Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies is the first company to produce an all-natural, pH-correct (6.4) tissue-culture grade water with a proven ability to be beneficially absorbed into human skin. The benefits of Nature's Mist have been verified through controlled double-blind clinical testing and extensive anecdotal evidence.

Bio-Med Wash™.
Bio Med Wash, developed for first aid purposes, is applied as a fine spray for washing, cleansing and promoting blood clotting of puncture wounds, scrapes and lacerations; additionally, the product is exceptional for healing abrasions, burns and other trauma-related emergencies. Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water's slightly acidic pH retards bacterial invasion. Physicians and EMT personnel currently use sterilized, pH-neutral, artificially distilled (mineral-free) water for surgical and first aid cleansing. A natural, pH-correct, bio-active sterile water such as Bio-Logic Aqua would be far more beneficial. Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies is developing sterile wash products for use in first aid kits, ambulances, emergency rooms, operating rooms, factories, airplanes, civil defense and disaster relief.

Randy Kieling