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Natures Tears® EyeMist®

Dry Eye Solution®
An entirely new, approach...EyeMist®
Nature’s Tears EyeMist – Pure, soothing water for dry eyes and tear film – Just a mist (not an eye drop). No burning, no blurring!

From the mists of time – pure water eye mist for soothing, all-natural, dry eye relief – Nature’s Tears EyeMist. The way nature loves it.

Moisture is WATER! Dry eye, eye strain, red eye, can occur when the ocular tear film's all-important aqueous (water) layer lacks sufficient moisture. Nature's Tears EyeMist is the ONLY eye-care product that penetrates the tear film with a diffusion of pure, pH-balanced, all-natural moisture directly to the aqueous layer. Patent #US 7,524,511-B1.

The Single boxed 1oz Nature's Tears EyeMist is no longer available for purchase. You can still purchase the 1oz Nature's Tears EyeMist as a Twin Pack or as an unboxed clear wrap Triple Deal.

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