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For Dry Eyes

An entirely new approach to...EyeMist®

Dry eye, irritated eyes, eye strain, burning eyes, red eye, contact lens discomfort, computer vision syndrome, computer eye irritation, allergy eyes, post-LASIK discomfort and MORE.

Moisture is WATER! Dry eye, eye strain, red eye, can occur when the ocular tear film's all-important aqueous (water) layer lacks sufficient moisture. Nature's Tears EyeMist is the ONLY eye-care product that penetrates the tear film with a diffusion of pure, pH-balanced, all-natural moisture directly to the aqueous layer.

Nature's Tears® EYE MIST® - the all-natural alternative:

* Breakthrough United States patent
* Supplemental EYE MIST moisture for dry eye disease
* 100% all-natural water
* The safety and convenience of MISTing
* No dripping, no mess
* Non-saline
* No burning eyes or blurred vision
* No dosage limit
* Four year shelf-life
* EYE MIST® - The ONLY all-natural alternative for: Dry eye disease, computer vision syndrome, red eye, burning eyes, itching eyes, eye allergies, eye fatigue, eye irritation from perspiration, tear film dehydration and tear film moisture loss.
* MISTing directions and demonstration - DISCOVER THE ALTERNATIVE TO EYEDROPS!

"Just A Mist®"

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