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Earning Potential

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies awards it’s representatives in numerous ways. When you first start working with The Foundation Corps of Executives you will maintain the position of a trainee. As a trainee you will go through teleconferencing and online training. Representatives will be given the existing accounts in their region and will be expected to maintain these accounts along with gaining clientele. In the training stage you will earn 10% commission and to excite new clientele all new orders will be discounted by 10%. Before Earning your full check of commissions your sales kit must be paid off in full. You can do so by paying the cost of the kit upfront, or paying half and having the rest deducted out of your first commissions. Please contact Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies regarding sales kit pricing.

When your training is complete you will still be reaching out to new customers along with maintaining regular accounts, therefore sales will increase rapidly. As your monthly sales average increases so will your commission rate and your authority to create your own new and intriguing specials for your customers.

Stage Name Sales Amount Commision
Stage 1 Trainee less than $500 monthly %10
Stage 2 Independent Rep $1500-2000 Monthly %15
Stage 3 Independent Sales Director $2000-4000 Monthly %18
Stage 4 Senior Sales Director $4000 + Monthly %20
Randy Kieling