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Position Description

Duties consist of:

  1. Developing new sales accounts
  2. Monitoring existing large accounts
  3. Conducting promotional programs
"Developing new sales accounts" consists of diving into your local area to offer two of the newest and most intriguing products. For every business customer or individual regular consumer a representative generates a new account is formed. Representatives will receive commission on every order by these accounts as long as they are with Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies. This category is limited only by the Consultant's energy and creativity. "Monitoring" includes making sure products are on the shelf and advantageously displayed, noting when stores are sold out, obtaining and reporting feedback, and demonstrating correct product application. "Promotional programs" may involve public appearances on the company's behalf, in-store demonstrations, and activities such as running mall kiosks and conducting sales parties.

Candidates must have resided within the assigned region for at least one year immediately prior to hiring. The position may start out as a second, part-time job but the Consultant must be prepared to go full-time within one-year. Each representative owns their clientele and may file as an independent business.
Randy Kieling