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Foundation Corps Of Executives

Bio-Logic Aqua Research Technologies International Inc. seeks individuals with sales and marketing backgrounds to purchase businesses as Independent Sales Consultants in exclusive territories around the United States. Assigned territories generally consist of the area in and around a city, or region of a state. Consultants would represent Bio-Logic Aqua the brand, and two major personal care products, Natures Mist and Natures Tears EyeMist. The program is called the "The Foundation Corps of Executives". The company is confident that this buy-in program could develop into lucrative businesses for the Consultants. Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies has product in drug stores nationwide that cannot carry enough inventory to keep shelves stocked.
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research is the only company, worldwide, to specialize in all-natural tissue culture grade water and hydrotherapy for pharmaceutical application. The company has conducted this groundbreaking research for well over a decade and is committed to a two-fold objective:
  1. Understanding the medical benefits of the company's rare Bio-Logic Aqua® Absolute Premium Standard™ tissue-culture grade of water
  2. Developing applications of the water for the benefit of human health in an increasingly dry and polluted environment

By becoming part of the Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies team you will not only be joining a well known international company, but you will be taking part in the booming chic of supporting being "green". All products developed by the Bio-Logic Aqua research team are all natural and environment friendly, an increasingly fashionable trend.

Randy Kieling